JOY400X400The Joccini label was created in 2008 by Joy Umeobi, a visionary who believes everyone was born with a style of their own, be it ethnic, vintage, dramatic, or classic. One of the missions of Joccini is to create unique and original designs that enable the wearer’s style and personality to shine through. Some people want a celebrity look but not the celebrity cost; Joccini makes celebrity looks affordable.

Joy’s sense of style was apparent during a childhood spent watching her mother sew. At an early age when she would draw, color, nip, and sew miscellaneous materials for doll dresses. Now with a bachelor’s degree in Arts, after receiving encouragements and positive reactions to her intuitively crafted designs she made for her personal use, Joy decided to venture out and establish the Joccini brand as a formidable presence on the fashion radar.

IMG_8331Joccini designs offer wearability, eclectic, edgy, subtle yet, fearless bold details for people with a keen sense of freedom to follow their instinct, to stand out, and not blend in! At Joccini, unique craftsmanship comes to life whether at work, on the runway, or on the sidewalk. Joccini Collection includes haute couture, ready-to-wear, accessories, and workwear (

Another mission of the Joccini Collection is to give back a percentage of sales to supporting especially African widows and their children; to help their education, healthcare, or help the women learn a skill or two.
We are all in this together. From my hands to your heart, wear Joccini, save a life!